RegalBiz, Accountion And Bookkeeping When we began offering our bookkeeping services in 2004, we saw an increasing demand for business services in one central location. Many small businesses were struggling to find the right services at the right price and at the right time. That is, high quality, experienced service providers whose services are affordable for all businesses and delivered on time… every time.

With the skills and network we have developed over the years, we became motivated to help our existing clients with their general business needs in addition to our bookkeeping, procedure writing. So we began offering our free business needs smart services whereby our clients can avail this service for no extra cost to get reasonable quotes for financing, vehicle purchasing, computer hardware and support, printing, stationery, tax agent services, financial planning and so on, making it a one stop shop for business solutions. All we had to do was assemble some great companies who provided outstanding services at a reasonable price.

Once we receive the best quote on behalf of our clients, we negotiate with other quality providers to get a better price, saving our clients’ hard-earned dollars (and making them very happy!)

Our aim is to provide the best money saving business solutions that exceed our client’s expectations, resulting in repeat referral business with a strong reputation of excellent and smart services.

It has become our motto to save our clients time and money; to lead them towards success while we extend a long welcoming business relationship by interacting with different companies and expanding each business in the process.

Our vision is to form a Regal Business Family - a group of selected companies who provide quality services at reasonable prices that are promoted to other businesses through Regal Biz to meet their business needs, saving their time and money while at the same time offering a platform to provide their services to each other through Regal Biz networking and support.